Why am I blogging?

I am known to be someone with not much difficulty expressing her feelings, opinions, and ideas as directly as I can. I really like that about me. Some people may not and honestly, I don’t care much about what others think when it comes to some things about me that makes me “ME”. Being politically correct has never been much of an interest and between you and me, I am still not sure about people who spend way too much time being politically correct.

What is the point of carrying a brain and having a good education if none of it was to be used efficiently, and if we’ll always have this fear that we will not be welcome if we say what we think uncensored, why say anything at all? Not being politically correct does not mean you are rude while expressing your opinions. There are so many ways of expressing an opinion. It is all about the tone and choice of words. If done right, everybody is clear about what the other says. Isn’t this simply the goal of communicating?

I’ve decided to blog because sometimes, I find myself lonely in a world where so many people are politically correct. Blogging may help me express myself better and maybe -just maybe – may help some to be less politically correct but more correct. So here we go….